Crowdfunding Essays on Anarchism and Religion

the_deserter-hdrishEssays in Anarchism and Religion is a multi-volume collection of academic essays which aims to be available freely online, and cheaply in print (priced at the cost of printing). The first volume is ready for production with Stockholm University Press, and two more are in the pipeline.

To reach the aim of producing a scholarly text that is freely available online, and available as a cheap physical copy, the editors have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to meet the production costs. A range of rewards are available, for contributions as low as £5. If the campaign manages to raise more than we need for volume 1, the extra funds will go towards the production costs of the next two volumes.

The series as a whole examines the intersections between anarchist politics and activism on the one hand, and religious ideas, thinkers and practices on the other. Conventionally treated as intransigently hostile systems of thought, the series explores the unexpected points of contact and contestation in a richly varied perspective that encompasses, amongst others, Christianity, Buddhism and mysticism, and the ideas of Kierkegaard, Proudhon and Voegelin. In charting these relationships, the series casts fresh light on the intellectual foundations of anarchism as a political movement, and on the neglected relevance of anarchist ideas to multiple  strands religious thinking. This series will therefore be of interest to those interested in political theory and religious studies, but also those interested in the history of ideas and philosophy.

For more information, to look at the contents of the first volume, and to make a pledge, please visit the campaign’s Kickstarter page: